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 Greenhouse Gallery – February Featured Work

Wine-OldCountry2015Wine Tasting – Good Old Country Comforts 2015

An organic wine tasting of Big Bodied Iberian Reds
Friday 27th February 7.30pm
£15 in advance / £20 on the door
(price includes organic tapas)

Click here for more information


nuclearpowerLetter to the Austrian Ambassador

There has been little UK news coverage of the Austrian government’s decision to challenge the UK governments plans to use state aid to prop up the plans for a nuclear reactor at Hinkley in Somerset (then Sizewell C, if successful!).
Not only is the plan an economic nightmare, the case for nuclear power is being presented as a renewable and low carbon technology. In reality it is neither.

Click here to see the letter we have written to the ambassador.
Show your support to the Austrian Ambassador emailing a copy of the letter.

'Who Invited the Blackbirds' jpeg Acrylic on paper, A2, 2010 2Evie Janssen’s Exhibition

Paintings and Illustrations
Saturday March 21st – Saturday 18th April 2015

In the Greenhouse Gallery

Greenhouse Fine Art Cards
Box of 10 £20 or Box of 20 £30 (+ £3 p&p)

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Cards available at the Greenhouse
Email gallery@greenhousetrust.co.uk to order

rise 2015Artists Climate Challenge

9th May – 7th June 2015

The Greenhouse invites the creative community to respond to the Climate Change Challenge.
Click the RISE image for more information

The Greenhouse is supplying Norwich Food-bank

Norwich logoPlease help local people in crisis, support the environment and the local economy by buying items for Norwich food-bank at the Greenhouse.

Shopping list: Tinned tomatoes, Baked beans, Jelly, Biscuits, Soup, Sugar, Trek Bar, Pasata sauce, Jam, Tea bags, Peanut butter, Porridge oats, Muesli.


Books @ the Greenhouse

Fiction and recycled glass in shopThe Greenhouse now sells fiction, Non-fiction, CDs & DVDs in the shop (Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 4.30pm).

Appeal for books: Can you help?
All kinds of books, CDs & DVDs. All very welcome. Drop them off in the shop when we are open.

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